Certified Continuing Education & Custom Training


ØDeveloping Leaders that Inspire

ØThe Importance of Customer Retention

ØDeveloping a Turbocharged, Winning Team

ØDeveloping a Successful Service Organization

ØBetter Business Writing, using Proper Grammar

ØHow to Manage People for Organizational Success

ØDefining Business Overhead and How to Control It

ØAttitude and Behavior Changes for Everyone’s Success

ØSocial Media and Why it Affects the Future of Our Business

ØEtiquette: Email, Social Media, Business (office, lunch, meetings)

ØComputer Training (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Exchange)

ØDiscovering Your Learning Style and its Impact on Self-Improvement

ØDeveloping Listening Skills and Effective Communications

ØHow to Become a Rock Star (in your customer’s eyes)

ØAnswering the Phone for More Successful Bookings

ØUsing Personality Awareness to Your Advantage

ØImprove Your Memory and be More Successful!

ØDeveloping a Company Mission Statement

ØFix the Customer, THEN the Problem

ØImproving Your Positive Self-Esteem

ØImproving Chances of Success

ØMarketing is Everyone’s Job!

ØHandling Stress and Change

ØDiscovering Your Creativity

ØHandling Irate Customers

ØTelephone Etiquette

ØImage is Everything

ØFirst Impressions

ØLeadership Styles

ØTaking Risks