Certified Continuing Education & Custom Training

The professionals at Xpertise will:

1. help you create seminars and workshops that produce significant turnout and new customer generation

     a. attract and retain new customers for you by participating with you in these unique  seminars that are directed at a specific target audience

     b. the seminars will be “about the participant” and the positive desired outcomes of working with your company and using your products and services

     c. create a targeted list of attendees that will ensure an attractive ROI for your company

2. Help you sustain the success of your company by utilizing Social Media tools.

3. introduce you to key decision makers in the Louisville area

4. help you with local Public Relations by helping you write newsworthy articles and press releases

5. assist you with creating or evaluating an RFP

6. perform accurate research for you to help with decisions

7. assist you in forming strategic partnerships in the Louisville area

8. evaluate your business / marketing plan or create a new one for you

9. help you scrutinize proposals from your vendors so you can make good business decisions